ImageLOCK Combination Lock – Patented Combination Lock (No Administrative Key) –Black & White



ImageLOCK – Fun and Easy to Use Combination Lock! (Patented in USA/China)

Looking for a smart, easy and effective way to safeguard what you value at home, the gym, or on the go with maximum security?

Your typical options include a traditional combination lock or key lock which involves boring and difficult to remember letters, numbers or keys. Instead – be a trend setter and choose world best selling lock!

This design- and utility-patented combination lock is a fun reinvention of the classic combination lock that replaces numbers with pictures on its dial. While a classic lock may open with a three number sequence like, “21-42-7,” an ImageLOCK can be opened with a combination of memorable icons such as “cat-heart-umbrella,” and he or she can remember the sequence with a simple story, for example, "the cat loves being out of the rain."

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Need more reasons to choose ImageLOCK?

✔ Stylish black dial plate and 8 white color images.

✔ Comes with a unique factory set combination, and features anti-shim technology. Instructions are included with each ImageLOCK.

✔ Strong, sturdy and durable: it is made of double-reinforced stainless steel casing with a 1-7/8" hardened solid steel shackle to guarantee maximum security.

✔ Can be used wherever a lock is needed, including for luggage, trunks, cabinets, and doors.

✔ A wonderful gift for children and adults. It is also a great choice for individuals with memory problems or those identified with learning disabilities.

Product Features:

  • Features anti-shim technology for added protection
  • 1-7/8" standard combination locker lock
  • Stainless steel body
  • 3-digit, factory set dial combination
  • Includes combination control chart
  • Combinations are not resettable
  • Available in any quantity

ImageLOCK is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal property.

"This lock is design and utility patent protected. Any unlawful duplicate of any images, act of plagiarism, distributing on any public/personal sites such as Amazon and ebay, counterfeit, duplication and manipulation of the device itself is subject to litigation, fine and imprison under USPTO codified in Title 35"









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