ImageLOCK consists of eight different symbols: Heart, Monkey, Dog, Cat, Bird, Butterfly, Star, and Umbrella. Each ImageLOCK comes with different codes for customer security purposes. ImageLOCK uses the same traditional concept as any other combination padlock. Nonetheless, ImageLOCK is the most fun and the easiest way to use a combination lock. ImageLOCK is the start of a new era for locks that are reliable and yet also fun to use!

In a short survey individuals ranging from 10 to 74 of years of age were asked their opinion about traditional combination locks and the ImageLOCK. Nearly all individuals surveyed, including children, adults, and seniors, reported that using ImageLOCK combinations are much easier to remember than traditional number combinations  In addition, respondents expressed that the ImageLOCK combinations are fun to use while number combinations are not. Overall, the survey results were overwhelmingly in favor of the ImageLOCK.

"This lock is design and utility patent protected. Any unlawful duplicate of any images, act of plagiarism, distributing on any public/personal sites such as Amazon and ebay, counterfeit, duplication and manipulation of the device itself is subject to litigation, fine and imprison under USPTO codified in Title 35"




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